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Terms of Service

1. Scope


1.1. These terms and conditions apply to contracts for the rental of rooms, apartments, holiday flats and bungalows - hereinafter referred to as "rooms" - for accommodation, as well as all other services provided by BodeBude for the customer.

They can be replaced by conditions negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

These General Terms and Conditions can be viewed by every customer and guest in the BodeBude or on the BodeBude website.


1.2 non-smoking rooms
Our rooms in the BodeBude are strictly non-smoking rooms. Should guests nevertheless smoke in the room, we share the cleaning costs (curtains, furniture, carpets, beds, etc.) with the room guest with 80 euros. If the room cannot be rented due to the strong smell of smoke despite cleaning afterwards, an additional night will be charged according to the price list


2. Conclusion of contract


2.1. The accommodation contract is deemed to have been concluded when the guest has reserved a room by telephone, e-mail, Internet or fax and this has been confirmed by us.

BodeBude can also confirm by telephone, e-mail, fax or, if desired, by letter.

An accommodation contract has also come about through conclusive behavior, in particular if a room has been reserved and made available and an explicit commitment is not possible due to time constraints.


2.2. The contractual partners are BodeBude and the guest.

If a customer acts on behalf of or for guests registered by him, he is responsible for the liabilities and all obligations arising from the accommodation contract.


3. Services, prices, payment


3.1. BodeBude is obliged to keep the rooms booked by the guest or customer available and to provide the agreed services.

Reservations of parking spaces on BodeBude's premises are only available to the customer with prior consent from BodeBude and only for a limited period of time.


3.2. The entire invoice amount can be paid on the day of arrival, but must be paid on the day of departure at the latest (cash or EC cards are accepted).


3.3. If the guest defaults on payment, BodeBude can cancel the accommodation agreement with immediate effect. BodeBude reserves the right to claim further damages, in particular the cancellation of other rentals.

In the event of payment arrears, BodeBude makes use of its landlord's right of lien and can temporarily prevent the removal of items and luggage by self-help until clarification has been achieved


3.4. If the period between the conclusion of the contract and the fulfillment of the contract exceeds 4 months and if the price generally charged by BodeBude for such services increases, BodeBude can increase the contractually agreed price appropriately, but by no more than 10%.

The agreed prices include the respective statutory VAT.

This is currently 7%. Changes in VAT are for the benefit or at the expense of the guest.


3.5. BodeBude is entitled to demand a reasonable advance payment or security upon conclusion of the contract or thereafter. The amount of the advance payment and the payment dates are agreed in writing.


4. Cancellation and withdrawal conditions


4.1. A cancellation must always be made in writing (by e-mail, letter, fax).

For cancellations made less than 7 days before the arrival date, BodeBude reserves the right to charge 100% of the total invoice amount.

The customer is free to prove that no damage has occurred or that the damage suffered by BodeBude is lower than the flat rate required.


4.2. If a date for withdrawal from the contract has been agreed in writing between BodeBude and the guest, the guest can withdraw from the contract up to that point without triggering payment or damage claims on the part of BodeBude. The customer right of withdrawal expires if he does not exercise his right of withdrawal in writing to BodeBude by the agreed date.


4.3. If the customer's right of withdrawal has been agreed in writing within a certain period, BodeBude is entitled to withdraw from the contract during this period, even if the customer has not expressly waived his right to withdraw.

If an agreed advance payment is not made by the agreed date, BodeBude is also entitled to withdraw from the contract.


4.4 Furthermore, BodeBude is entitled to extraordinarily withdraw from the contract for an objectively justifiable reason, for example if

- force majeure or other circumstances for which BodeBude is not responsible make it impossible to fulfill the contract,

- rooms are booked with misleading or false information about essential facts, e.g. in the person of the customer or the purpose,

- BodeBude has reasonable grounds to believe that the use of the accommodation service could jeopardize the smooth running of business, the security or the reputation of BodeBude in public.

If BodeBude is entitled to withdraw, the customer is not entitled to compensation.


4.5. BodeBude must inform the customer of the exercise of the right of withdrawal immediately using the communication channel used with the customer.


5. Room availability, handover and return


5.1. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer does not acquire the right to be provided specific rooms.


5.2. Check in: the rooms can be occupied from 2 p.m. If you arrive earlier, your luggage can usually be stored. If the room is already ready for occupancy, it can be occupied earlier.


For better planning, please inform the BodeBude of the approximate time of arrival.

If there are any delays, the pension must also be informed in good time by telephone or email.

Otherwise, in order to minimize damage, she is entitled to release the room from 6 p.m. and in the following days for further reservations.


The day of arrival and the day of departure count as one day for the reservation, so the number of nights counts.


5.3. Check out: On the agreed departure day, the rooms must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. at the latest. Luggage may be stored free of charge.


If the handover takes place after 12 p.m. for reasons for which the guesthouse is not responsible, 50% of the room price will be charged, after 6 p.m. 100%.


6. Liabilities


6.1 The guest is liable to BodeBude for damage caused by him or his guests.


6.2 The tender was created to the best of our knowledge. We are not liable for any influence on the rented property by force majeure, by power and water failures customary in the country and by storms. Likewise, there is no liability in the event of unforeseeable or unavoidable circumstances such as official orders, sudden construction sites or disruptions caused by natural and local events. However, the BodeBude is happy to help with solving the problems (as far as this is possible). BodeBude is not liable for the use of the play and sports equipment provided. The guest's arrival and departure is his own responsibility and liability.


6.3 It is the guest's responsibility to insure items brought along against theft, damage or destruction. Liability on the part of BodeBude in the event of loss, theft, damage or destruction is excluded.


6.4 Should disruptions or defects occur in BodeBude services, BodeBude will endeavor to remedy the situation if it becomes aware of it or if the customer complains immediately. For his part, the guest is obliged to do what is reasonable for him to remedy the disruption and to keep possible damage to a minimum.

Liability claims expire if the customer fails to report the loss, destruction or damage to BodeBude immediately after learning of it.


6.5 If the customer is provided with a parking space in the garage or carport or on a parking lot, even for a fee, this does not result in a custody agreement. In the event of loss or damage to motor vehicles parked or maneuvered on the pension property and their contents, the pension is not liable, except in the case of intent or gross negligence. This also applies to vicarious agents of the pension.


6.6 Wake-up calls, messages, mail and goods for guests are not part of BodeBude's range of services.

If these services are taken over by agreement in exceptional cases, they must be carried out with the greatest care. Claims for damages, except due to gross negligence or intent, are excluded.


7. Conditions for using the wireless Internet access


User Agreement


• It is used by logging into our WLAN. The following user agreement is accepted.


• Use is free of charge and limited to the duration of the presence on the BodeBude site. BodeBude cannot guarantee the actual availability of Internet access. The code must not be passed on to third parties.


• BodeBude assumes no obligations by issuing the code. The use takes place according to the technical possibilities. In particular, the user has no right to use the guest access in any specific way or for a specific period of time.


• Any liability, in particular for warranty and compensation (with the exception of intent and bodily injury), is hereby excluded. In particular, no liability is assumed for the content of websites accessed or files downloaded. Furthermore, no liability is accepted for any virus infection caused by the use of guest access. The user expressly acknowledges that guest access only enables access to the Internet, but does not include any virus protection or firewall.


• Calling up sites with illegal content and the distribution of illegal or legally protected content is prohibited.


• In particular, the user is expressly prohibited from using the Internet access to download or otherwise distribute copyrighted content in any way whatsoever.


• Any improper use of the guest access, in particular any use that may have adverse legal consequences for third parties or for BodeBude, is prohibited.


• Should BodeBude be exposed to third-party claims for any reason as a result of the user's use of guest access, the user is obliged to indemnify and hold harmless BodeBude in this regard.


• If the terms of use are violated or if a violation is suspected, the use of the guest access can be blocked at any time without giving reasons. Liability for data loss is expressly excluded.



If the guest logs into the BodeBude WLAN, he agrees to the above user agreement.



8. Final Provisions


Photos and text on the website are for realistic description. 100% correspondence with the rooms provided cannot be guaranteed. BodeBude reserves the right to make changes to the equipment (e.g. furniture, kitchen equipment) provided they are equivalent.


8.1. The place of fulfillment and payment as well as the place of jurisdiction is the registered office of BodeBude: Thale.


8.2. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions for the accommodation contract and accommodation in the BodeBude be or become invalid or void, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

In addition, the statutory provisions apply.


Treseburg, November 22, 2022

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