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What's up?

A lot...

Of course, hiking is possible at any time of the year. This can be a short, relaxed walk in the forest, a whole day hike or even a long-distance hike.

The best known is the Harzer-Hexen-Stieg, which leads directly past the BodeBude. 

Extensive and up-to-date information about the Harz hiking area can be found on the website RESIN INFO.

Our recommendation...

Relax - enjoy the peace - enjoy nature - breathe deeply

In the neighborhood...

Hexentanzplatz & Rosstrappe + Downhill - bike park + Hiking trails + Therme & Sauna + climbing forest + Mountain bike tours + Mountain swimming pool + fishing sport+ find mushrooms

Frau in einer Sauna

Dirty weather?

Off to the Bodetal thermal baths!

With the Bodetal ticket* you save 30% on the admission price

*Tourist tax booklet “Sparfuchs”!


The BodeBude is perfectly located for anyone who likes hiking. Several hikes can be started directly from here. One of the best hiking trails in Germany runs not far from the BodeBude - the Hexenstieg. The trail leads through the Bodetal from Treseburg to Thale, past the Rosstrappe, the Bodekessel and the Hexentanzplatz.

With the tourist tax booklet you can use public transport in the district free of charge. So start your hike and come back by bus. It couldn't be better. Lines 557 or 256 currently run between Thale and Treseburg. With one click you can get to the timetable information (start/destination = Treseburg "Rübezahl"). 

You can find some more suggestions on this page or tours on this page .

What else?

Participate in culture...
Experience nature... one of the 5 nature parks that stretch across the entire Harz region. the tiers of the open-air stages.

  • THE spectacle on the Hexentanzplatz during Walpurgis Night.

  • The KulT(o)urbühne am Bodetal.

  • The forest stage in Altenbrak.

  • The Harz Mountain Theater.

More info here

Adrenaline junkies...

....we strongly advise you to visit Harzdrenalineat the Rappbodetalsperre

climbing rocks... just 4 km from the BodeBude you can climb great climbing rocks.

More information can be found on the page from DAV (German Alpine Club).

learn history... over 40 museums within a radius of 40 km

You can find a list with current information, opening times, etc. here

And then...

Cities in the Harz with a lot of charm and history.

World Heritage City - Quedlinburg

A beautiful old town that was rebuilt and maintained with a lot of love and commitment. During a guided city tour or the night watchman tour, you can learn really interesting things about the city and its history.

It gets very romantic in the Advent season, when the city is transformed into a Christmas country.

There is more information about this here:


This magnificent half-timbered town is only 30 minutes from Treseburg and should not be missed. The castle and the city center, with the many half-timbered houses and the impressive town hall, are absolutely worth seeing.

The Baumkuchenhaus is right on the outskirts of Wernigerode. Anyone who knows and loves Baumkuchen has to go there. If not - also.

There is more information about this here:


Blankenburg stands for: historic old town, Blankenburg Castle with its baroque and flowery castle gardens, the impressive castle ruins and Regenstein Fortress, as well as the sand caves, for culture and music in the Michaelstein Monastery and the great rock formations of the Teufelsmauer.

There is more information about this here:


Visible from all directions and the symbol of the city - the Halberstadt Cathedral with its treasury. Also impressive are the Liebfrauenkirche, the only four-towered Romanesque pillar basilica in Central Germany and the St. Martinskirche with its towers of different heights. In the Berend Lehmann Museum, visitors can learn more about the Jewish quarter and the almost 800-year history of the Jewish community in the former episcopal city.


There is more information about this here:

Cathedral & cathedral treasure

Jewish quarter

Berend Lehmann Museum

Stolberg is a climatic health resort and historical European city and is also the birthplace of Thomas Müntzer. Martin Luther was also seen here and preached against the peasant revolt in 1525 in St. Martini Church. Stolberg Castle has been enthroned above the city since around 1200 and offers a great view over the roofs. Juliana von Stolberg and Wernigerode was born here in 1506. She spent the first 13 years of her life in the count's palace complex. She is the mother of William of Orange and is still revered as the ancestress of the Orange family.

The Großer Auerberg (579 m) rises not far from Stolberg. On it is the 38 meter high lookout tower called Josephskreuz. It is the largest double iron cross in the world.

There is more information about this here:


Our recommendation:
Use public transport for your activities in the Harz Mountains. With your registration form (tourist tax) you get free access to the public bus and tram lines in the Harz district as well as selected lines in the Mansfeld-Südharz district and the Lower Saxon districts of Goslar and Göttingen. More informations, timetables and an app are available on the HATIX- Page.

Pullman City resin

For people who have a penchant for putting on big hats and then performing a strange dance with like-minded people or putting feathers in their hair and painting their faces brightly, we recommend a visit to Pullman City Harz.

During the high season, lots of events take place here. To name just a few:

- Let's Line Dance

- Indian Spirit & Culture

- Horse whisperer

- Bike Week, Quad & ATV meeting

- Indian Riders Group Meeting

- American Power Weekend

... and so on 

There is also a lot on offer here in winter.

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